Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Holy Light

A game by: TheEscapeGames


Escape from the Christmas Island after the view of Christmas Holy Light




Christmas Gift From Cat

A game by: TheEscapeGames


Try to get a Christmas gift from the cat by solving a bunch of puzzles




Otis Builds A Fire

A game by: Josh 'The Suitor' Taylor


  On a very cold and snowy Christmas eve, Otis needs to build a fire to keep warm...


Search For The Christmas Present

A game by: Petteri


  You saw your father with a huge christmas present. You know that it is hidden somewhere in your house. Will you be able to find it?


A Xmas Eve Tale

A game by: Scoobar Entertainment


  The famous burglar will strike again on Christmas Eve. Help FBI agent Vince Plumper to catch him!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Xmas Tree Decoration

A game by: Ena Games


Decorate your Xmas tree




Santa's Stolen Sleigh

A game by: Dudeman Thingface


  Santa’s sleigh was stolen and you must find it


Santas Sidekick

A game by: Uku Randver


  A young boy discovers a crash-landed Santa and decides to help him...


Mischevious: A Christmas Adventure

A game by: Matt Synowicz


Kevin is a sneaky little kid that loves to find his gifts before Christmas morning. Your task is to search 4 rooms in Kevin's house to uncover the hidden Christmas gifts...




Casper's Haunted Christmas

A game by: Sarbakan


Help Casper stop his three uncles from scaring your friend Holly