Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Scare Dare: The Abandoned House

A game by: Stefanie Hartung


You decide to prove your courage by exploring an old house that has been abandoned for many years. Just after you entered the place, the front door fell shut... Can you unravel the mysteries of the house and find a way out?




Dream Of History

A game by: Games2Rule


You are in a deep sleep. And in a dream, you went to the history. You realized that you are trapped in a dream world. And now you don’t know how to come out of this dream...




Beast In The Hole

A game by: Demolacion


You are trapped in the room with some strange and scary beast which is hiding in the hole. You must find a way to get out of this place...




Little Angel Curse Of Warlock

A game by: Ena Games


A little angel has been locked inside big glass jar. Try to find that jar and help angel escape!




Sunny Autumn Forest

A game by: Ainars


Search the autumn forest for 8 ambers and mysterious artifact to unlock the secret door




Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Gift From Sky

A game by: SmileClicker


Get a surprise gift for the Christmas from the sky. Use your special skills!




Finding Santa Gifts 4

A game by: Ena Games


A fourth part of Finding Santa Gifts series. Find santa's gift bag which he lost inside the house...




Finding Santa Gifts 3

A game by: Ena Games


A third part of Finding Santa Gifts series. Find santa's gift bag and his lost gifts...




Finding Santa Gifts 2

A game by: Ena Games


A second part of Finding Santa Gifts series. Wake up santa and find his gift bag!




Finding Santa Gifts

A game by: Ena Games


Help Santa Claus to find his lost gifts




Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Holy Light

A game by: TheEscapeGames


Escape from the Christmas Island after the view of Christmas Holy Light




Christmas Gift From Cat

A game by: TheEscapeGames


Try to get a Christmas gift from the cat by solving a bunch of puzzles




Otis Builds A Fire

A game by: Josh 'The Suitor' Taylor


  On a very cold and snowy Christmas eve, Otis needs to build a fire to keep warm...


Search For The Christmas Present

A game by: Petteri


  You saw your father with a huge christmas present. You know that it is hidden somewhere in your house. Will you be able to find it?


A Xmas Eve Tale

A game by: Scoobar Entertainment


  The famous burglar will strike again on Christmas Eve. Help FBI agent Vince Plumper to catch him!


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Xmas Tree Decoration

A game by: Ena Games


Decorate your Xmas tree




Santa's Stolen Sleigh

A game by: Dudeman Thingface


  Santa’s sleigh was stolen and you must find it


Santas Sidekick

A game by: Uku Randver


  A young boy discovers a crash-landed Santa and decides to help him...


Mischevious: A Christmas Adventure

A game by: Matt Synowicz


Kevin is a sneaky little kid that loves to find his gifts before Christmas morning. Your task is to search 4 rooms in Kevin's house to uncover the hidden Christmas gifts...




Casper's Haunted Christmas

A game by: Sarbakan


Help Casper stop his three uncles from scaring your friend Holly